D&A Steelworks and Customs

(All products can be built to fit any vehicle. We don’t have any product in stock as we built per order)

Double Cab, Single Cab and Cab and a Half for any vehicle all is the same price depending on the Specific Product.

Here are some illustrations of our 4×4 & 2×4 Customized Equipment that we have to offer:


Rocksliders & Bash Plates

For any vehicle type, please contact us for more details


D&A has a variety of “looks” as seen with all our products. The price of each will depends on which product you choose. The price includes Powder coating, the colour is your choice as well. If you want it sprayed instead of powder coated we will do that for you.

We use the following to ensure we build strong quality products:

  • Pipe: 50 mm x 2 mm , Square tubing : 50mm x 3mm
  • Stainless steel water jet cutting for name plates

For more information regarding other products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ironstone Elite









The price will change for any Custom Rocksliders that needs a nameplate.

If you have a specific “look” in mind, please contact us. We can build anything!



We are an agent for Ratel 4×4 Bosbumper and Wilddog

  • Frontier bumpers
  • Back bumpers
  • Snorkel
  • And many more.


Land Cruiser


All vehicles bumpers are available.

Please contact us, for stock

Installation is free

  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper & Single swing are or Double
  • Suspension kit
  • Winch Titon
  • Winch Powermax
  • Snorkel

Please contact us for more information

Our new Air levelling support system is a heavy duty system

  • Big loads
  • Heavy towing
  • 4×4 struggling

Is all from the past!!!

We attach this system between you chassis and the diff  for more support.

With a heavy load you can pump up the system, with any air supply namely 12 V compressor or at any garage. Levelling  up you own bakkies body, making the distance to drive more save and easily.

It takes the weight  from the back wheels shifting it to the front wheels.

This system makes it more steady on the road.

This product is not to lift your bakkie, it’s for extra support.

You can use it for 4×4,to get n lift, or to push your wheels down to get traction on ground.

Please contact us for more information, limited to only curtain vehicles.